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Collection: Java Jugs

Java Jugs are Beverage Dispensers that are also a thermos!

All Models we produce are non-electric models.

All of our jugs come equipped with Model SPB Tomlinson Faucets. Each insulated cover has a quick lock and open feature with an air tight easy open vent screw. As required by the Health Dept., each Java Jug comes equipped with a gum rubber gasket. They are constructed out of 20 gauge and 22 gauge Stainless Steel and features an 1/8" x 1" Stainless Steel band around the bottom to prevent denting. Each Java Jug is fully insulated with Styrofoam. There is 5" of clearance under the faucet for "on the counter serving". All seams are electrically welded for sanitation.

Each Java Jug sold has a 1 year Guarantee on parts and labor.

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