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Custom Draft Beer Towers

Custom Draft Beer Towers

We are the custom kings of draft beer Towers!

For the best in Draft Beer Towers, it’s ACU Precision Sheet Metal ! We’ve got a wide variety of Beer Towers. If you are here in the custom beer tower page then your imagination is beyond our standard product line. That is great! We have a custom department building custom towers and trays all day long. Please send us a request for what you are wanting.

There are some things to keep in mind when requesting a quote for a custom beer tower, there are as follows:

  • One faucet or 1000 faucets
  • Mounted from the ceiling or the bar counter
  • Does it wrap around a bar top or sit on top?
  • Metal Finish? Polished or brushed stainless steel, brass, and or ask about PVD or other Mill finishes.
  • Is this a One-off design, or production run for a chain restaurant or bar?

Possibilities are only limited by your creativity!!!

All Towers can be made out of Stainless Steel # 4 Brushed Finish, Stainless Steel #8 Mirror Finish, and or Brass # 8 Mirror Finish.or other metal upon request.

Custom Draft Beer Towers- Drawings of Non- Standard Towers

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