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Online Payment for Custom Beer and Metal Work

Online Payment For Custom Beer Equipment or Metal Work

ACU Precision Sheet Metal now offers online payment information to be processed through our Shopify payment service known as "Stripe". It is absolutely safe and more secure then most payment services that are offered for any business. We can also process credit cards through a link through Shopify. If you do not like any of the payment methods we will process credit cards over the phone on our credit card machine


1. Please fill out all of the boxes. We will need all the information to process your order.

2. After filling out the boxes, please hit submit.

Upon clicking submit, a payment tab will open. This payment tab is ran through Stripe on Stripes secured credit card processing payment methods. Enter in the price agreed upon and hit submit. There will be a confirmation email sent shortly after payment is processed.

*Note* We will process the credit card for the price of the agreed upon. At the time of shipment, we will process shipping payment at that time. *Note*

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