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Draft Beer Towers

Draft Beer Towers

For the best in Draft Beer Towers, it’s ACU Precision Sheet Metal! We’ve got a wide variety of beer towers. We’ve got the draft beer tower your bar needs! Draft beer towers have been refereed to as beer tap towers, tap towers, faucet towers, and beer tower designs.

We offer 3" Column and 4" Column in single and double pedestal.
We have Metro "T" , Metro "H", Metro "T", Metro "M" towers.
Each product can have any variable faucet configuration with any number of sections.
Our pass thru is a stylized way to show off your selection of beverages.
Column Beer Towers "Draft Arms". Our column towers come in 1, 2,3,4 faucet configurations.
The Shaft Box dispensers are designed to hang or mount underneath the bar or counter. Also known as under bar dispensers.

Beer Tower

Beer Towers, including standard towers, or custom towers are the center of the beer system

Presentation is part of the art of a great draught beer! Whatever type of beer you are serving, using a beer tower is an important role to be proud of how you pour. Create a mood and an atmosphere that compliments the rooms decor by choosing the right beer tower. Draft beer towers are available in a variety of body styles and a number of beer faucet hole sections.

Comparing the right Draft Beer Tower for you!

Beer tower dispenser tap towers vary in style, size, and metal finish. Our customers wanting a standard tower, we have single faucet keg tap towers in stainless steel, both polished finish and regular brushed finished, or we have solid brass towers.

Our customers or installers working on installing a beer dispenser tower in a restaurant, we have standard products that have 30 faucet holes working on a unit. Our custom department could and will add more if needed! Our custom department will even make a product that is not listed above.

Putting our beer faucet towers above our competition

A Draft Beer Tower is the Trophy at the Bar! No matter what category you choose, we know our products will make your system, either being a commercial or home unit, the very highest quality perfect product our customers have received from us since 1959.

Our beer towers are not only the best for bars; but have been installed in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, baseball/football stadiums and even on food service trucks for mobile events! Our faucet towers and been installed to use a variety of beer tap handles. Our standard towers will fit most beer tap handles. Please pay attention to the spacing on the spec sheet of the beer tower if over-sized tap handles will be installed.

ACU can also provide custom beverage draft beer towers. We have a whole special department that is building custom Draft Beer Towers all day long! Are you looking for a draft beer tower that is out of this world? Do you need a few simple customization to fit your special project or installation setting? ACU is the one to call who have the capability to manufacture custom draft beer towers to meet all your dispensing requirements. Just give us a call or give us a chance to quote your dream tower here. You can read our customer reviews to see how happy our customers are with us!

Don't just settle with our competitors, compliment your beverage system with the highest quality products. You can read customer after customer review on our competitor website and a lot of times, their system or systems are less than perfect. Why settle for a "cheap beer tower" when you can get quality products at the price point that is cheaper than those "cheap beer towers". Our material, product, labor, and design are made in the USA. Weather it be for your home or a commercial unit, we will get that special tap tower you deserve! This way you can serve yourself or a customer and get the best quality draft beer towers!

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