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*CONTACT TO PURCHASE* Drain Top Stainless Steel Restaurant Table | 48" X 24" | Right Drain

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Drain Top Stainless Steel Restaurant Table with Right Drain

*Please allow up to 1-2 days for this product to ship*

Our Tables are constructed with .060" thick Aluminum sides and shelves pop riveted to 16 ga. Galvanized Steel rear panel, inner top and supports. All front edges faced with 20 ga. Stainless Steel #4 Brushed finish material. All Tables come with durable adjustable Stainless Steel legs. The outer top is constructed from 20 ga. Stainless Steel #4 Brushed finish. Our Tables are available in Flat Top or Drain Top styles. The Drain Top style comes with a removable Louvered Screen and has a 1.0" X 1 1/2" NPT Pipe Nipple drain with an angled bottom tray for drainage.

  • Perfect for the food service industry!
  • Made in the USA!
  • Able to drain out liquid from dispensers!
  • Comes with a Louvered Screen for Draining Dispenser Liquid

Drain Top Table Drawing (Spec Sheet)

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